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Paradise Palms Nursery ..


Below is a list of some of the palms we have available in our nursery. If you can't see the particular palm you are wanting feel free to contact us on 06 870 1182 as we may have it in stock, alternatively we can order it in for you.

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Australian Cabbage Tree Palm Livistona australis
Indoor or patio, outdoor - prefers semi-shade, 15-30m.
Chinese Windmill (Chusan Palm) Trachycarpus fortunei
A wonderful summer flowering fan leaf palm. This is one of the hardiest and easiest palms to grow. Slow growing palm with solid, fibre covered trunk. Tolerates cold and frosts. Our Windmill palms are mostly grown in the field. Grows to 10m. From China.
Lady Palm Rhapis excelsa
Indoors, graceful, soft, fernlike palm, needs shade and regular wateringd, to 1.5m, multiple planted for effect, thrive in low light.
Mexican Fan Palm Washingtonia Robusta
Magnificent large green fan leaves with cottony threads but the stems have large thorns. A very hardy and fast-growing fan palm suitable for any landscape design, will tolerate wind and coastal conditions. This is a fast grower which needs space to develop. Keep well watered.




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