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CATALOGUE - Enjoy mostly shady spots

Below is a list of some of the palms we have available in our nursery. If you can't see the particular palm you are wanting feel free to contact us on 06 870 1182 as we may have it in stock, alternatively we can order it in for you.

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Bangalow Palm Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana /Seaforthia
Excellent landscaping palm. This spectacular palm will be equally happy in full sun or indoor shade. It is also a very good container plant for a patio or large courtyard as its growth will be slowed but it will still be happy and healthy in a pot - keep well watered. Indoor (reaches 1-2m) or sheltered out (10-20m), indirect light, looks good in groups. Protect from winds. NSW, Australia
Cardboard Plant (Cycad) Zamia Furfuracea
Develops under ground to short stems to form a clump later. Arching leaves bearing still almost oval leathery blue-green leaflets to 400mm. Grows to 1m Indoors - hardy in good natural indirect light. Keep moist to dry. Outdoors - plant in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil. Frost tolerant to -2 degrees and coastal tolerant.
Kentia Palm Howea Forsteriana
Very popular. Outdoors - so versatile and hardy salt tolerant. Frost tolerant to -3 degrees or perfect indoors, for conservatory, patio. Easy care. Lord Howe Island.
Lady Palm Rhapis excelsa
Indoors, graceful, soft, fernlike palm, needs shade and regular wateringd, to 1.5m, multiple planted for effect, thrive in low light.
Parlour Palm Chamaedorea Elegans
Graceful miniature featuring compact fine deep green fronds & ringed trunk 1-1.5m. Perfectly suited to indoor conditions, withstanding low light and temperature fluctuation. Hardy. Outdoors - only suited to warm areas, patio or sun traps - under foliage. Reported to tolerate frost to -4 degrees in a fully shaded, moist position.








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